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Catching Sun in California

Despite the fact that I just moved to New York City, I’ve spent nearly 2 of the last 3 weeks in California!

Before I left, I was able to have my cousin show me around his office in 1 World Trade, which has some incredible views.

January in New York City is not normally where you find good weather.. but we had a random weekend of 60-degree weather. So naturally I got out on bikes, and was able to meet some of the people who ride track bikes in Brooklyn.

The guy far left with the chesty-mount GoPro is Terry Barentsen (check him out on YouTube!). That was my first time meeting him; I've actually followed him for years and have a photo book of his. We chatted for a lap or so in Prospect Park. Super cool guy.

Chris and I also rode over to Industry City in Brooklyn.

Night life.. and also how the subway stations stay clean.

After this I got on a plane to LA, to see some friends I’ve done a trip with every year for I think 3 years now. My judgment tells me to just leave you with a bunch of photos and let them do the storytelling for me.. after all that's kind of my job now. :) Enjoy!

And now I'm back in New York.. for the moment! Diving back into work, and I've got some more travel coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the last bit of January!


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